SA Olive Awards

The SA Olive Awards gives recognition to the top extra virgin olive oils of each year’s harvest. The competition is judged blindly by a panel of expert tasters from SA, led by an international Panel Leader.

The SA Olive Awards were created to honour the olive oil industry in South Africa. The competition will only accept registrations from entrants with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) produced in the current season exclusively. Entries must be 100% South African and made by South African producers registered with SA Olive. The entries can be either individual producers or by retailers selling EVOO from South African producers as their house brands.

View the 2017 SA Olive Award Winners

Sue Langstaff International Panel Leader, Reni Hildenbrand Olive Oil Forum, Linda Costa Olive Oil Forum, Benedetta Lami SA Olive Tasting Member, Birgitta Hofmeyr SA Olive Tasting Member, Hazel Henman SA Olive Tasting Member.

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