Linda Costa shares her research on South African EVOO with FST Magazine

“We are still discovering novel health benefits resulting from the consumption of extra-virgin olive oil, all of which underscore its importance in a healthy lifestyle. Unlike other traditional industries that have been transformed into highly industrialised processes with the use of industrial enzymes, the olive industry has only relatively recently started using enzyme aids. The advantages are reported to be an increased yield (1.5–2%) and a product with a higher biophenol content, and subsequently the sensory evaluation of the extra virgin olive oil is positive due to the increased bitter and peppery notes. But are these the most consumer-friendly oils?” – Linda Costa

Linda (MSc Experimental Pharmacology) has been involved in sensory evaluation of extra-virgin olive oil since 1992 and has presented courses locally and in Australia and New Zealand. She has completed the Panel Leader course of the Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Olio di Oliva (translated as the Organization of National Tasters of Olive Oil and known as the ONAOO), as well as the refresher course (2015).

Download & read the full article from May 2016 HERE.


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