Statutory Measure Status-Quo

The SA Olive Statutory Measure (levy) was applied for for the first time in June 2012, to be implemented for a 4-year cycle (2012-2016). By request from the industry an application for renewal was submitted to the National Agricultural Marketing Council in 2016 and is currently awaiting approval by the Minister of Agriculture. The levy notification is published in the Government Gazette, once ministry has approved. The levy is applicable on all domestic sales of table olives and olive oil at 8 cents per kg of table olives and 40 cents per liter on olive oil. It is payable on the first point of domestic sale and includes all imported product.

This levy effectively replaced the old voluntary membership fees paid annually to SA Olive. All producers are now automatically part of SA Olive and payment of the levy is law. All local producers and importers need to register with SA Olive and submit monthly returns with payment for their respective sales volumes.

SA Olive would like to thank all producers and import entities who have registered and are complying with the instituted statutory measure. Non-compliance is still however a challenge and we want to urge everybody to please comply and ensure that our industry prospers going forth.

Please contact the SA Olive secretariat at (021) 870 2900 or should you request more detail with regard to the implementation of the statutory measure.

SA Olive has to date been run by an elected Board on a voluntary basis. The efforts of those members who have participated in the running of the Association are to be commended for their time and effort against a membership expectation of a professionally run industry Association. The levy provided much needed funding to appoint an independent full time manager to look after the interests of the overall olive industry, liaise with Government and create an enabling environment for growth and prosperity. You are therefore encouraged to abide by the law, pay your levy and accelerate the growth of the SA Olive industry.

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