SA Olive’s Tasting Course Experience

Day 1 of the SA Olive Tasting Course at Klein Parys Vineyard in Paarl, welcomed experienced and novice EVOO enthusiasts from all walks of life!

Presented by internationally acclaimed olive oil consultant & SA Olive competition tasting panel leader, Antonio Giuseppe Lauro. We are thrilled to have had such a great attendance.

Here are 3 of our attendees and their stories:


Landi is one of the attendees at our SA Olive Tasting Course that is taking place this week. She studied Food Science at Stellenbosch University and thought this course would be a massive opportunity to learn more about the scientific aspects of olives and olive oil. Landi has come to love olive oil because of its health benefits and goodness, she often cooks with olive oil and encourages her friends and family to do the same.


Esolda is one of the attendees who were sponsored to attend the SA Olive Tasting Course. She loved learning how to properly taste olive oil and what characteristics to look for when identifying a good olive oil, such as its bitterness, pepperiness and fruitiness. She loves olive oil because it is natural and healthy.


Enrico Ametta is an olive oil producer from Italy and is visiting South Africa for 3 months for more work experience. His factory back home has been producing olive oil for over 200 years and he is now the 4th generation of oil makers within his family. He uses traditional methods to produce olive oil (stone and press), but has come to South Africa to learn more about the modern ways of producing olive oil.

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