Follow The Olive: Harvesting Table Olives

Table olives should be picked individually by hand and it is recommended that only olives of the required size and colour are picked. Selective harvesting reduces the work-load on the sorters and results in less fruit being rejected.

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Harvesting Olives

Harvesting is the costliest orchard operation in the growing of olives, with harvesting labour accounting for up to 40% of total costs in traditional orchards. The peak demand for labour on an olive farm is in the harvesting season.

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Follow The Olive: Water & Soil


Although olive trees can survive dry conditions, irrigation is strongly recommended for table olive production to encourage a higher yield, regular cropping and the production of large sized fruit with a high flesh to pit ratio.

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Follow The Olive: Temperature & Winds


The traditional “olive climate” is characterised by mild winters during which monthly temperature never falls below -30C and during which the greater part of the annual precipitation is received.

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