Olive Oil 101: Before Harvesting

To make your olive oil the best way possible please take note of the following points before harvesting:

  • Olive oil has the uncanny knack of absorbing flavours and smells from very little – hence the importance of ensuring immaculate hygiene – of everything in the processing facility. Make sure all equipment is clean, the machine as well as all pipes, pumps, containers, floors and walls. The hygiene of the processing machine is vitally important for oil making and therefor it needs to be spotless. This is especially necessary for the decanter. If possible, remove and clean the decanter feed tube thoroughly.
  • Make sure you have sufficient harvesting crates and that they are washed and clean, and kept clean through out the harvest
  • Ensure all your storage tanks are clean and taint-free
  • Never add fresh oil to oil from a previous harvest – make sure any older oil is sold as soon as possible


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