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Kalamata has its origin in Greece. When fully ripe, black Kalamata olives are processed naturally, marketed commercially and are very popular with consumers. Kalamata olives are as ideal black table olives, with a lower oil content than Mission.

The fruit is crescent shaped, more pointed than Mission, medium large, about 5-6 g with flesh making up about 85% of fruit weight. If the tree bears a heavy crop, fruit size is undesirably small.

The fruit changes colour rapidly to an attractive velvet-black quite early in the season. Harvesting period can be very short, especially under warm autumn conditions, and fruit tends to drop on ripening. Because of its medium-firm texture and very suitable for black processing. It has a medium to high oil content which is of good quality in fruit which is not yet fully ripe. Oil quality deteriorates as fruit ripens, so oil made from table olive culls is usually of poor quality.

– Olive Production in South Africa by Carlo Costa

[Photograph: Vicky Wasik]

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