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Barouni is of North African origin, it is not widely grown in South Africa, but meets the demand for a large green “Queen”-sized olive because of its large fruit size and low oil content.

Fruit is large, about 9-10g, with a fair flesh to pit ratio. Shape is symmetrical, elongated-oval with a rounded apex, ripening to a wine red rather than black colour, and fruit tends to shrivel when ripe.

It ripens early, at the same time as Manzanilla, but with a slightly longer ripening period, and is picked at the straw-green stage. It is a firm olive when green, not as easily bruised as the other large cultivars. The fruit is firmly attached to the tree, requiring more effort to pick than others.

Barouni is only used for green processing. It has a coarse woody texture and requires special care during processing.

– Olive Production in South Africa by Carlo Costa

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