Follow The Olive: How to Recognise a Good Table Olive

The table olive market here in South Africa is just starting to flourish. The solid foundation will support its growth into a successful and valuable industry amongst the new olive producing countries.

Extra virgin olive oil has a set of standards or conditions, performed both in a laboratory and by a tasting panel, that have to be adhered to in order to bear the label ‘Extra Virgin’. The International Olive Oil Council (IOOC) has stipulated a set of standards pertaining to the physical attributes of table olives, or rather, the visual defect limits, but no standard is available for determining what a good olive should taste like.

In the global market, a myriad of different styles of table olives can be found, many of which are very provincial or regional. In countries where eating olives, and especially processing thereof, is relatively new, it is important that we have a benchmark against which we can gauge the quality of a table olive. Equally important is that the consumer is aware of what to look for in a good quality, tasty table olive. Highlighting these attributes will protect the consumer, after being served second rate product for long enough, from believing that this is as good as it gets!

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