Sol d’Oro International Competition

Osaka, Japan hosts 4th Sol d’Oro Southern Hemisphere The Veronafiere scheduled 11-15 September 2017 – Sol & Agrifood Competition ensures worldwide promotion of quality culture for Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
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Follow The Olive: Olive Oil Extraction – Producing High Quality EVOO

To produce a high quality extra virgin olive oil with a fresh and fruity flavour it is essential to use sound fruit and keep all equipment clean at all time.

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Follow The Olive: Olive Oil Extraction – Separation

Olive Oil is extracted from the pulp after malaxation using horizontal centrifuges (decanters) which have replaced the cumbersome hydraulic presses of the previous century.

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RSG Interviews

RSG interviews Elleunorah Allsopp

Olive seed wasp research – a project funded by the SA Olive Association.


Olive Seed Wasp Research



RSG interviews Karien Bezuidenhout

Two developing industries – olive- fynbos / cut flower industries.

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