Follow The Olive: Olive Oil Extraction – Separation

Olive Oil is extracted from the pulp after malaxation using horizontal centrifuges (decanters) which have replaced the cumbersome hydraulic presses of the previous century.

Decanters can be ‘two-phase” or “three-phase” (terms used to classify machines based on the number and position of outlets, which regulate the separation of oil from pulp and vegetation water). Pulp and vegetation water can either be separated or discharged together.

Modern technology allows this process to proceed with a minimal amount of additional water. After decanting, oil is passed through a high speed upright centrifuge to remove any remaining suspended droplets of vegetation water and pulp and then run into large conical base stainless steel settling tanks from which any remaining suspended water micro-droplets or pulp fractions will settle out to be regularly discharged. After about a month, the clear oil is eventually pumped off any remaining fine sediment. Olive Oil should be stored below 15oC in clean stainless steel tanks, with inert gas capping. If necessary, the oil is filtered prior to packaging and dispatch to markets.

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