Tips For Storing Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Storing your Extra Virgin Olive Oil correctly can optimise its shelf-life for prolonged enjoyment. The olive harvest takes place between March and June/July in the Southern Hemisphere; the fresh oils are available by August/September in the same year.

Olive oil does not mature with age – it should be consumed as fresh as possible to draw out most of its culinary and health benefits. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is generally given a shelf life of 24 months.

Follow these top 5 tips for the best results:

  1. Keep your olive oil as air tight as possible.
  2. It is best stored in a sealed, dark container (glass or other material) and kept in a cool, dark place.
  3. If buying large quantities, decant the oil into smaller containers to protect it from the air until being used.
  4. Once a container has been opened, it should preferably be used within 2 months.
  5. Do not store olive oil in the fridge, as it will solidify and condensation will promote oxidation.


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