Tips For Purchasing Extra Virgin Olive Oil

To ensure that you, the foodie, always chooses the best quality locally produced extra virgin olive oils, SA Olive has introduced a seal of authenticity referred to as the Commitment to Compliance (CTC) Scheme.

For the consumer, the CTC seal means:

  • The producer confirms that the content is 100% South African.
  • The harvest year will be clearly displayed, indicating the oil’s freshness.
  • The producer is committed to the standards set in the SA Olive Codes of Practice, which are based on international quality standards.
  • Honest and transparent labelling – if the label states that the content is Extra Virgin, the producer verifies that the content is Extra Virgin.

Products which do not deserve to be classified as Extra Virgin should not be labelled and sold as Extra Virgin Olive Oil therefore great importance is attached to the label of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The label should indicate that:

  1. The oil is completely natural and unadulterated, with no additives
  2. The oil is free of any defects – not rancid, winey, musty, fusty etc.
  3. The oil has a fruity characteristic
  4. The oil has a free acidity level of LESS than 0.8%
  5. The oil has been cold extracted, which means that it retains all its wonderful aromas & natural antioxidants.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is accepted as being the best quality oil available and as such demands the highest retail price. Genuine Extra Virgin Olive Oil involves good care and high levels of management all along the process from growing, harvesting, handling, extraction, decanting to packaging and storage.

Cheaper grades of olive oil are therefore of poorer quality, and cheap Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s are suspect. You normally get what you pay for.

The SA Olive Awards locally produced EVOOs for 2017 will be announced on the 24th of August! Keep up to date with the latest SA Olive news via social media: Facebook and Twitter.

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