SA Olive Beginners Tasting Course

The SA Olive Beginners Tasting Course at Nelson Wine Estate in Paarl welcomed a number of Extra Virgin Olive Oil enthusiasts from all over South Africa. Attendees were spoiled with an incredible presentation by internationally acclaimed olive oil consultant and SA Olive Awards tasting panel leader, Sue Langstaff. We are thrilled to have had such a great attendance.

Edith and Melinda Rust are the lucky winners of our social media competition. Edith lives next to an olive orchard in Moorreesburg. They pick their own olives and pickle it at home. They also love Mediterranean cooking and basically cook everything in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Melinda says that she loves the health benefits of EVOO and even has two spoons of it every morning. Edith explains that EVOO is the best for stomach pain. Although they love olive oil and have been to many farms for an olive oil tasting no one has ever told them what to look for when tasting olive oil. They were very impressed with the international expertise of the presentation done by Sue Langstaff.

Basil Koopman was sponsored by SA Olive as a tasting course participant. Basil finds great interest in the olive process and was even involved in planting the first olive tree on the farm that he works at in Stilbaai. His passion for olives and olive oil lead him to be promoted as manager on the farm. He said that the course expanded his knowledge about EVOO as Sue expanded on how to taste olive oil correctly. He loves the health benefits of EVOO and eats olives like peanuts. He said that it is fantastic to work with olive oil and to see how olive trees grow.

Dalene Broekhuizen was a participant at the beginners tasting course. She is an aromatherapist and attended the course to learn more about olive oil. She enjoyed the way Sue presented the course and found it very interesting. She loves the health benefits of olive oil and therefore decided to expand her knowledge about olive oil in aromatherapy.

Roelien Havenga is the representative of olives and olive oil for Woolworths, she makes sure that they have the very best products on their shelves. She felt that the course was presented in an understanding way as olive oil can be quite complex, she said it was very interesting and valuable. She loves that the course is not only theoretical but practical too. She grew up in the Transvaal and olive oil was very rare there, but her mother was passionate about cooking with olive oil because of its health benefits. Roelien shared in her mom’s passion but has only recently realised how healthy it is. She said that people are getting excited about olive oil especially the younger generation, as they are using it more often in their kitchens.

Eloise & Diane represent the Absa as sponsors of the annual Absa Top 10 awards. They said that Sue Langstaff’s presentation was brilliant and interesting. Diane said she learned a whole lot about olive oil and never knew that pungent olive oil is a good thing. Eloise loves the health benefits and attitude of olive oil. They often cook with it as they believe it is a healthier alternative to other cooking oils.

Tasting course photos:

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