South Africa’s Finest EVOO’s Announced – 2017

Despite a difficult harvest leading to a smaller olive harvest, SA producers have still succeeded in providing the panel of five esteemed judges with outstanding contenders for the gold, silver and bronze medals up for grabs in the 2017 SA Olive Awards.

From left to right:
Back: Jan-Hendrik Marais (Cederberg Olives), Chris van Niekerk (Mardouw Olive Estate), Briony Coetsee (Marbrin Farm), Clive Heymans (Marbrin Farm), Peter Coetsee (Marbrin Farm), Middle: Joop Steenkamp (De Rustica Estate), Danie Goosen (Wildekrans Wine Estate), Willie Duminy (Porterville Olives), Sandy Jeffery (Diepsak Farm)Front: Yvette Jordaan (Mount Ceder Olives), Nico Loubser (Morgenster Estate), Nick Wilkinson (Rio Largo Estate), Gert van Dyk (Tokara), Dial Steyn (Kransfontein Estate).

Led by international olive oil expert and sensory scientist, Sue Langstaff from California, the panel awarded a total of 19 gold (22%), 34 silver and 26 bronze medals. “Out of the 87 extra virgin olive oils (EVOO) entered in categories for delicate, medium and intense, some 90% were deserving of a medal,” says Langstaff. “This compares well against similar competitions held in other countries – it means the producers have exercised a healthy measure of self-policing by entering mostly olive oils of high quality worthy of a medal.”

“The message to South African producers is that 90% of participating oils are worthy quality-wise, and local olive oil consumers can rest assured that buying medal-bearing oils from the 2017 harvest will not disappoint,” says SA Olive chairperson, Nick Wilkinson. “The competition also allows olive oil producers to ascertain what a gold medallist tastes like in terms of balance, complexity, harmony and freshness.”

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And the winners in the Delicate category are …
GoldCederberg OlivesCederberg Olives Frantoio EVOODelicate
GoldMount CederMount Ceder EVOODelicate
GoldRio Largo Olive EstateRio Largo Gold EVOODelicate
GoldTokaraTokara Mission Premium EVOODelicate
SilverDe Rustica Olive EstateDe Rustica Estate Delicate EVOODelicate
SilverKransfontein EstateKransfontein Mission EVOODelicate
SilverMarbrin FarmMarbrin Olive Growers Delicate EVOODelicate
SilverMont Rouge Olive EstateMont Rouge Owner’s Reserve EVOODelicate
SilverMorgenster Wine & Olive EstateMorgenster Monte Marcello EVOODelicate
SilverOakhurst OlivesPremium Reserve EVOODelicate
SilverPorterville OlivesAndante Delicate EVOODelicate
SilverWillow Creek Olive EstateWillow Creek Nuy Valley EVOODelicate
SilverWillow Creek Olive EstateFood Lover’s Signature EVOODelicate
BronzeMont Rouge Olive EstateMont Rouge Delicate EVOODelicate
BronzeOakhurst OlivesOakhurst Delicate EVOODelicate
BronzePétra OlivesPétra Delicate EVOODelicate
BronzeThe Greenleaf Olive CompanyRiver Press EVOO Delicate
And the winners are in the Intense category are …
GoldDe Rustica Olive EstateDe Rustica Estate Collection Coratina EVOOIntense
GoldKransfontein EstateKransfontein Coratina EVOOIntense
GoldMarbrin FarmMabrin Olive Growers Directors Reserve EVOOIntense
GoldMardouw Olive EstatePremium XXV Intense EVOOIntense
GoldMorgenster Wine and Olive EstateMorgenster EVOOIntense
GoldPorterville OlivesAndante Intenso EVOOIntense
SilverDe Rustica Olive EstateDe Rustica Estate Intense EVOOIntense
SilverMont Rouge Olive EstateMont Rouge Intense EVOOIntense
SilverMont Rouge Olive EstateMont Rouge Assegaay Reserve EVOOIntense
SilverMont Rouge Olive EstateMont Rouge 33˚ South EVOOIntense
SilverMorgenster Wine & Olive EstateMorgenster Don Carlo EVOOIntense
SilverOakhurst OlivesOakhurst Intense EVOOIntense
SilverPorterville OlivesAndante Forte EVOOIntense
SilverRio Largo Olive EstateRio Largo Premium EVOOIntense
SilverThe Ou PastorieCape EVOOIntense
BronzeMarbrin FarmMarbin Olive Growers Intense EVOOIntense
BronzeTokaraTokara Premium EVOOIntense
BronzeWillow Creek Olive EstateWillow Creek Directors’ Reserve EVOOIntense
And the winners are in the Medium category are …

GoldAdamskloofAdamskloof EVOOMedium
GoldDe Rustica Olive EstatesDe Rustica Estate Medium EVOOMedium
GoldDe Rustica Olive EstatesDe Rustica Estate Collection EVOOMedium
GoldGreen & GoldGreen & Gold EVOOMedium
GoldKleinbergskloof Olive EstateKleinbergskloof Olive Estate Blend EVOOMedium
GoldMardouw Olive EstateMardouw EVOOMedium
GoldOlyvenboschOlyvenbosch EVOOMedium
GoldSerrado Olive EstateSerrado EVOOMedium
GoldWildekrans Wine EstateWildekrans Keerweer EVOOMedium
SilverAnysbos OlyweAnysbos EVOOMedium
SilverBabylonstorenBabylonstoren EVOOMedium
SilverChalonerChaloner EVOOMedium
SilverDarling OlivesDarling Olives EVOOMedium
SilverGabriëlskloofGabriëlskloof EVOOMedium
SilverGreen & GoldGreen & Gold EVOOMedium
SilverKransfontein EstateDirectors Reserve Premium Blend EVOOMedium
SilverMont Rouge Olive EstateMont Rouge Karoo Reserve EVOOMedium
SilverMont Rouge Olive EstateMont Rouge Medium EVOOMedium
SilverMorgenster Wine & Olive EstateWoolworths EVOOMedium
SilverOlyfbergOlyfberg EVOOMedium
SilverRio Largo Olive EstateRio Largo EVOOMedium
SilverTerra Rossa – NapierTerra Rossa – Napier EVOOMedium
SilverTokaraTokara Mission EVOOMedium
SilverWaterleliefonteinWaterleliefontein EVOOMedium
SilverWillow Creek Olive EstateWillow Creek Prive EVOOMedium
BronzeBakenshoogteBakenshoogte EVOOMedium
BronzeDe BoerinDe Boerin EVOOMedium
BronzeGantouw FarmGantouw Farm EVOOMedium
BronzeGroote ValleiGroote Vallei EVOOMedium
BronzeHillcrest Estate DurbanvilleHillcrest Estate EVOOMedium
BronzeKransfontein EstateKransfontein Frantoio EVOOMedium
BronzeL’OrmarinsL’Ormarins EVOOMedium
BronzeL’OrmarinsL’Ormarins Leccino EVOOMedium
BronzeMarbrin FarmMabrin Olive Growers Medium EVOOMedium
BronzeNamaqua Olives & Olive OilNamaqua EVOOMedium
BronzeOudewerfskloofOudewerskloof Frantoio/Mission EVOO Medium
BronzePorterville OlivesAndante EVOOMedium
BronzeRiver Bend FarmRiver Bend Frantoio Late Harvest EVOOMedium
BronzeTokaraTokara Frantoio Premium EVOOMedium
BronzeTokaraTokara Leccino Premium EVOOMedium
BronzeTokaraTokara Estate EVOOMedium
BronzeWildekrans Wine EstateWildekrans Endless EVOOMedium
BronzeWillow Creek Olive EstateWillow Creek Estate Blend EVOOMedium
BronzeWillow Creek Olive EstateBanting Revolution EVOOMedium

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