Top 10 Reasons to Buy Local

In celebration of the Absa Top 10 Olive Oil Awards, we decided to give you 10 reasons why you should buy local, helping you make an informed decision when taking a trip to the grocery store. 

It’s the real deal:
SA Olive has introduced a seal of authenticity referred to as the Commitment to Compliance (CTC) Scheme to ensure that you always buy the best quality locally produced extra virgin olive oils available. Read more here:

It’s fresher:
Local produce reaches you sooner, giving you access to the maximum nutrition. Fresh oils are available by August/September in the same year. Olive oil does not mature with age – it should be consumed as fresh as possible to draw out most of its culinary and health benefits.

It’s more ethical:
The CTC seal means the producer is committed to the standards set in the SA Olive Codes of Practice, which are based on international quality standards. South African producers and processors have a culture of producing quality olives and olive oil, as demonstrated by the many prestigious international awards received. Most of South African olive oil produced is Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). The reason for South Africa having such high standards is because we have managed to leap frog the industrial development process with 3rd generation machinery and technology.

It’s usually better quality (and better for you):
Olive oil exported out of Europe has had some troubles in recent years, with numerous studies finding what was touted “extra-virgin” oil was in fact chemically pressed or not from olives at all. We think it best to be safe and buy any one of a number of award-winning local extra-virgin olive oils.

It’s not out of reach:
Most retailers are increasingly labeling their EVOO by origin, and you can check labels to see whether they are locally produced or imported Olive Oils.

You are supporting the economy:
Locally produced EVOO creates work for everyone from pickers to label printers and even delivery people. Buying locally produced food helps to build our local economies. So even if you only buy one thing organic, ethical or local a week, make that small change, because the combined impact of us all participating in clean, kind and fair consumption will be profound.

It’s not (always) more expensive:
EVOO costs much more to produce and is accepted as being the best quality oil available; as such it commands a higher retail price. Genuine EVOO involves good care and high levels of management all along the process from growing, harvesting, handling, extraction, decanting to packaging and storage. Cheaper grades of olive oil are therefore of poorer quality, and cheap EVOOs are suspect. You normally get what you pay for.

It’s a growing industry:
Based on the rate at which new trees are being planted, olive farming is doubling in size every four to five years, making it one of the fastest growing agricultural segments in the country. This is in response to an increase in olive and olive oil consumption, given the growing awareness of the health benefits of olive products.

You can choose from 10 of the best locally produced EVOO’s:
In a show of confidence in the olive industry, Absa, which previously sponsored the Absa Top 5 Olive Oil Awards, has now indicated that it will extend this honour to 10 exceptional olive oils. The very best gold award recipients of the SA Olive Awards will be chosen as finalists in the run for the Absa Top 10 to be announced on 27 September.

South African Olive Oil competes with the best of the best:
SA EVOOs have competed with the best of the best and they have won. Our premium SA EVOO has been shipped to all corners of the globe. South Africa has even entertained international acclaimed tasters; Dr. Antonio being one. Members of the SA Olive tasting panel have been invited to adjudicate competitions in Australia & New Zealand. From people who produces .02% of the world production?  Surely, we are doing something right.


The Absa Top 10 locally produced EVOOs for 2017 will be announced on the 27th of September! Keep up to date with the latest SA Olive news via social media: Facebook and Twitter.

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