ABSA TOP 10: Morgenster Wine & Olive Estate

Following the announcement of the 2017 #SAOliveAwards & #AbsaTop10 Olive Oils Awards in South Africa, we are presenting a series of interviews with each Gold winning producer.

Absa Top 10 2017 Winner (5 of 10): Morgenster EVOO


Name: Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cultivars: A secret blend of FS17, Frantoio, Peranzana, Noc, Coratina and other Italian cultivars
Litres Produced: 80 000 litres

Judges Feedback:
Good fruit and fresh on the nose, well-balanced with a good mouthfeel, a pleasant complexity.

About Morgenster Wine & Olive Estate:
Morgenster Wine & Olive Estate in Somerset West was purchased in 1992 by Italian owner Giulio Bertrand.  He has turned it into a thriving farm and favoured visitor destination in pursuit of his objectives of producing the best Bordeaux style wine outside France and the best Italian style olive oil outside Italy. His philosophy of “Where there is quality there is no compromise” has garnered significant international awards and recognition for the quality of his products which are exported to over 30 countries.

Producer History:
In the early ‘90s Giulio Bertrand approached the Olive Oil Research Institute of Italy, and with Professor Fontanazza, chose 14 olive cultivars from different Italian regions, each with discernible attributes and a reputation for producing exceptional olive oil. From these, he established 55 ha of olive groves and uses the most up to date equipment and expertise in the world to produce his flagship Morgenster extra virgin olive oil.  For over 10 years this secret blend of 14 Italian varieties has consistently been judged as one of the best olive oils in the world.

In early 2017 Bertrand imported and installed the world’s latest Pieralisi olive press in time to extract the 2017 olive harvest. It is the first of its kind in South Africa and features a double crusher and proto reactor which ensure great efficiency and retention of even better flavour than before.  The fully automated Leopard separator ensures that the highest quality oil is produced with the worlds latest separation technology.

Oil Maker & 2017 Harvest:
Nico Loubser joined Morgenster in 2015 and had the following to say about the 2017 harvest: “We experienced dry hot weather in the period building up to harvest. The timing of the harvest of each cultivar was very important. The new Pieralisi press demonstrated its impressive capacity and quality of output and Morgenster rates its 2017 olive oil as being of excellent quality.”

Tasting Notes:
The first whiff is intense freshly cut grass. By warming the oil slightly with your hand the secondary aromas of green tomatoes, almonds, artichokes and perhaps even green apples will become far more evident.

Versatile extra virgin olive oil that pairs well with delicate to robust dishes. Morgenster’s Extra Virgin Olive oil makes a fabulous salad dressing just as it is. Use it to drizzle over toasted Bruschetta, your favourite Italian bread or on your morning toast instead of butter. Drizzle on grilled fish, roast vegetables or stir-fries. It makes excellent mayonnaise and you can even try your hand at making Olive Oil Ice-cream. Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Kosher Certified.

Where to Buy:
From selected retailers and delicatessens nationwide.

Facebook: @Morgenster
Twitter: @Morgenster_SA

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