Ask The Expert: Mom

We all know mom is the expert around the house & that we can always trust her opinion! Here’s what Karien Bezuidenhout has to say about how she uses olive oil in her home:

How do you implement olive oil into the daily diet of your family?

Both my husband and I are hooked on olive oil so we always have a bottle at hand. Whether we fry a steak or make a soup, we use our liquid gold. And our favourite 1-minute meal is pasta with pesto, made from fresh basil and olive oil. But I must admit that I haven’t yet convinced the kids to have it on their vanilla ice cream.

Why do you think that olive oil should be part of your family’s diet?

There are so many health benefits associated with olive oil that a mom shouldn’t even think twice. Instead of fixing health problems after they occur we should rather prevent them from happening in the first place. So rather spend a Rand or 2 extra on extra virgin olive oil than spending hundreds of Rands on medication. And a kid will eat almost anything if you expose them to it from an early age, so there’s no reason to keep them from olives and olive oil.

In what other ways do you use olive oil around the house?

I’ve hooked a few of my girlfriends on using olive oil as a hair treatment, for those dry curls. Unfortunately, my own fine hair prevents me from practicing what I preach.

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