Olive Storage

Olives should be relatively firm, and never mushy or visibly bruised. If you’re shopping for olives at a store’s “olive bar,” look for olives dressed in brine, which helps them retain their moisture and flavour. They should also be turned over frequently for freshness. Alternatively purchase olives in a jar.

Olives last 1-2 years unopened or 3-4 months once opened and placed in a refrigerator. You can help olives stay fresh longer by storing them unopened in the pantry where the temperature is always less than 24’C.

Store your ‘olive-bar’ olives in the fridge, soaking in the liquid they came in and loosely covered with plastic wrap, for up to 10 days. Never store open cans in the fridge, place the olives and their liquid in an airtight jar or plastic container before putting them in the fridge. If there’s no brine, make your own—just add a teaspoon of salt to a cup and a half of water. Don’t leave olives in a sealed container; it’s better for them to breathe a bit.


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