SA Olive Packaging Awards

The SA Olive Awards will this year include a Packaging Awards category. Creating consumer brand awareness is central to establishing a product in the market and once your product hits the shelves, your packaging design is the first threshold to cross to create this awareness. The way the product is presented on-shelf is about more than just a pretty label – it is about clear and honest communication, innovation and uniqueness. Ultimately the product must live up to what it promises, and the SA Olive Awards have in the past years focused on this quality promise.  Adding the packaging dimension aims to create further depth to the event and thus the industry.

The criteria for the packaging competition will focus on the label design and how it compliments the overall product presentation, print quality, and adherence to legal labeling requirements. Producers can indicate their participation in the Packaging Awards on their SA Olive Awards entry form. Guidelines and requirements will be supplied upon entry.

The Packaging Awards is another opportunity to showcase South Africa’s excellent olive oils.

Email  for more information on how to enter.

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