‘How to Produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ Course

The presenter of the course, Pablo Canamasas from Argentina, has a veritable 360-degree view of the global olive oil production industry. This view comes with years of experience, which was shared with a large group of South Africans this Tuesday. Various SA Olive members, their staff and service providers were in attendance. Pablo covered everything, from extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) chemistry, to the influence of agronomics, oil processing and storage on Extra Virgin Olive Oil quality.

Chrisna Viljoen, winner of the SA Olive online competition, also attended the course. ‘I learned a lot, she said. ‘ It was amazing to see that the production of olive oil is so technical and that there are so many aspects to it.’

A passionate group of up and coming olive oil makers were sponsored to attend the event. Francois Cilliers from the award winning farm, Willow Creek, has been making olive oil since 2001 and says ‘everything starts with the fruit in the orchard. It plays a big role in the quality of the end product.’

This course was one of three such educational events presented by SA Olive during the SA Olive Awards week.

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