SA Olive Mentorship Award 2018

The Mentorship Program was established in 2007 and now has 7 organisations who partake in it with a total of 94 mentees and 8 mentors. It was established as part of an ongoing commitment to promote excellence and recognise outstanding contributions by industry individuals.

The top accolade in SA Olive mentorship programme, the Mentorship Award, went to Theresa Slinger from Olyvenbosch. After years on the farm, she now manages a team of 34 people. Theresa’s supervisor, Niel Botha praised Theresa’s growth and feels confident to slot her into any senior position on the farm. “She is the type of person I will go to war with,” he said.

The SA Olive mentorship programme is in its eleventh year of developing and nurturing young talent in the olive industry.

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