A Heart-Warming Thank You to the Absa Group

SA Olive once again extends their gratitude to Absa for sponsoring the Absa Top 10 awards. These awards recognise the world class olive oils produced in South Africa.

The benefit of using quality olive oil in your daily diet is well known the world over and South African consumers are catching on very quickly – buy local with the SA Olive CTC seal and you know you’re buying the real deal.

The additional exposure gained from the Absa Top 10 competition works hand-in-hand with SA Olive in educating the South African consumers to buy locally produced product – it is not difficult to differentiate good fresh olive oil from oils that are oxidised due to a long supply chain – oil unlike wine is better when fresh.

Absa, we thank you for recognising quality and lifting the profile of an industry that can offer employment and growth to South Africa.

Buy local and be  part of the solution.

– Nick Wilkinson (Chairman of SA Olive Industry Association)

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