Absa Top 10 Winner: De Rustica Olive Estate

Following the announcement of the 2018 #SAOliveAwards & #AbsaTop10 Olive Oils Awards in South Africa, we are presenting a series of interviews with each Gold winning producer.

Absa Top 10 Winner: De Rustica Estate Collection: Frantoio EVOO

Name: De Rustica Estate Collection: Frantoio
Cultivars: Frantoio
Litres Produced: 1850 litres

About De Rustica Olive Estate:

De Rustica’s location, deep in the Swartberg Mountains of the Southern Cape, provides the ideal climate to consistently produce world-class Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). This micro-climate is characterised by cold winters, warm summers without searing heat and altitude resulting in a high day-night temperature range. Their Extra Virgin olive oil is among the finest with an exceptionally low acidity. De Rustica has won several gold awards over the past few years.

De Rustica Estates uses various cultivars, picked on their 130-hectare Estate (+-85 000 olive trees) the olives are pressed in our state-of-the-art production facility. Cold extraction is always performed within a few hours of collection and only the best of the olive oil passes on to the next step, bottling. They are proud of the production and packaging conditions of their olive oils, which ensures their uniqueness. De Rustica elevates quality to the highest level. De Rustica offers guided tours which includes the tasting of EVOO and a visit to the press.

Producer History:
De Rustica Estates was founded by Mr Rob Still, a successful South African mining entrepreneur. Shortly after his 50th birthday in 2005 Rob decided he wanted to develop a project that would put something back into the land of his birth, uplift and do something different, something that would involve in putting back into the earth. He commissioned a study to establish the optimum place to establish his olive farm. After extensive research and chemical analysis of soils, the study showed that the Klein Karoo, with its cold winters and warm summers, would best suit his olive trees and so he set about finding the right farm.  He settled upon De Rust. In late 2006 he began to plant his olive orchards. Since their first commercial harvest in 2012, they have consistently produced award-winning and acclaimed EVOO ’s, as a result of their passion, commitment and core values combined with continuously keeping up to date with the latest developments.

Oil Maker & 2018 Harvest:
Darius Archer – Production Manager and Ignacio Segura – specialist oil consultant from Spain -also a member of the De Rustica Family
Devoting themselves to become masters of their craft. First, by finding the very finest olives, then by pressing them with exquisite care to produce the purest, most superb EVOO. A season with many challenges, but great things come from great challenges. The team-work on the Estate is something to behold, with everyone focusing on producing the best of the best, from the picker to the packer. If teamwork was a flavour we are sure you would taste it in our award-winning oils.

During harvesting time the fruits have come to ripen beautiful and healthy, especially thanks to the absence of the fly, whose population was totally annihilated by the very high summer temperatures. During malaxing, the olive paste was very dry, making it very difficult to extract and clarify the oil in the decanter, but we immediately recognized the enormous potential for excellent quality oil.

Tasting Notes:
The oil is characterized by the fruitiness of mild intensity, with herbaceous notes of unripe tomato and green banana.  Fresh and clean taste, it opens with a slightly sweet sensation followed by a pleasantly bitter and spicy charge of medium intensity, persistently rich in vegetable notes dominated by tomato.

Chicken and fish dishes, pasta and the perfect addition to salads and soups just before serving.

Where to Buy:


Contact Details:
Tel:  +27 44 241 2177

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