SA Olive Gold Winner: Lapithos Olive Growers

Following the announcement of the 2018 #SAOliveAwards & #AbsaTop10 Olive Oils Awards in South Africa, we are presenting a series of interviews with each Gold winning producer.

SA Olive Gold Winner: Lapithos Olive Growers

Name: Lapithos EVOO
Cultivars: Frantoio/ Coratina / Mission
Litres Produced: 2 100 litres

About Lapithos Olive Growers:
Lapithos farm lies in the beautiful Breede River Valley in Scherpenheuwel District near Worcester.  It is co-owned by lifelong friends, Alexis Kearney and Mark Kapnoudhis.  This magnificent piece of land was named after a little village in Northern Cyprus, which was the birthplace of Andreas Kapnoudhis.  Our packaging perfectly protects our pure extra virgin cold extracted olive oil against light and oxygen – both these elements can deteriorate the quality and taste of the oil.

Producer History:
Alexis Kearney, a mechanical engineer and Mark Kapnoudhis, an orthopedic surgeon bought this farm in 1999 as a hobby.  They started off with a thousand trees and today there are 11 000 trees of 4 different cultivars.  The olive press is owner operated and the blending of the oil is done by Mike-Alec Kearney, Alexis Kearney’s son.

Oil Maker & 2018 Harvest:
In spite of the severe drought in the Western Cape, we still managed to produce excellent olive oil. Quality oil is the reward for hard work, diligence, cleanliness and personal attention to the harvesting and making of EVOO.

Tasting Notes:
We used the fruit of green and ripe olives. The EVOO has notes of olive leaves, artichokes, almonds and walnuts.  Our oil is fresh and light, yet still peppery which reflects the unique fynbos and mountain air that surrounds the olive groves.

It is perfect for use on salads, freshly baked bread, grilled chicken, pork, roasted vegetables, pasta, pizza and it also goes well with soft cheeses.

Where to Buy:
Our oil can be bought from the owners (Mariaan Kearney – 0833106467 and Elmarie Kapnoudhis – 0837493006)
or via email at .

Contact Details:

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