Pressing forward

Steve Wilson, Venishree Mayer, Pieter du Toit (back), Willie Duminy, Arend Hofmeyr, Nick Wilkinson, Pieter Vorster (back), Kelly White, Louise Rabie, John Scrimgeour, Jason de Beer, Tiaan Ras

The SA olive industry kicked off the year with their AGM on 23 January 2019. 

The event was spiced up by well-known scenario strategist and co-author of Mind of a Fox, Chantell Ilbury. Chantell gave a comprehensive talk on ‘thinking the future and constructing strategic intelligence’. Globally, the times we are living in call on nimbleness and multi-pronged strategies based on various possible scenarios that can play out. On local soil, South Africa is in an election year, which creates political uncertainty and thus risks. The murkiness around land reform policy also greatly affects long-term decision-making in the agricultural sector.  There is also uncertainty across all sectors in terms of consumers’ disposable income.  How does one position one’s business in these conditions and how many outcomes are you prepared for? You need to build various scenarios in a complex world with as many outcomes as possible – you need to create a strategy to set a future direction. The upside of uncertainty is that more opportunities exist. Know your environment and keep your eyes wide open.

Following Chantell’s thought provoking talk and a very lively and interactive question and answer session, the new SA Olive board of directors was selected.  There are some new faces on the board this year – congratulations to Louise Rabie, Venishree Mayer and Jason de Beer.


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