SA Olive mentorship programme – Leana Stevens

Interview #1: Leana Stevens – Olyfberg

Leana Stevens is an irrefutable example of the far-reaching influence the SA Olive Mentorship Programme has on its participants. She quotes the Free to Grow module of the mentorship programme as having had a life-changing effect on her. It set her on a journey of self-discovery, shifted how she viewed herself, and along with the more business-orientated modules, gave her confidence in all parts of her life. Leana was the 2011 winner of the mentorship programme. She started as an assistant at the farm’s crèche in 2005 and was promoted two years later to handle admin and orders, as well as work directly with Olyfberg’s clients. She has her eye on the farm manager position and with the skills she obtained through the mentorship programme and the support of everyone around her, she is positive that she is well on her way to reaching her dream.

The second generation of her family to find a home at Olyfberg, Leana exudes confidence and a deep sense of who she is in the world. She says she grew up with the trees and feels part of everything on the farm.


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