SA Olive Mentorship Award 2019

Piet Visser from Olyfberg, SA Olive’s 2019 Mentorship Award winner, is a man whose soul feels most at home on the farm. From his humble beginnings as a general farmworker on Olyfberg in 1997, Piet has gone on to become a supervisor and has his eye on a production manager position.

Piet grew up alongside the olive the trees on Olyfberg and his immediate supervisor, André Lourens, commented that ‘It’s been incredible to watch him develop from a shy boy into the confident man he is now’.

The SA Olive Mentorship Award is the cherry on the cake for the work that happens during the on-going mentorship programme. This programme covers a vast array of business and personal development modules, including the Free to Grow module. For Piet the Free to Grow module was a life-changing event. It made him realise that he needed to change the direction of his life and stand up for himself.

Piet feels positive about the future and feels that things have improved for farmworkers. He says ‘there are opportunities and all we must do is grab them and work hard’.


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