Local Olive Oil

Chairman’s Speech at the SA Olive Awards 2017

If you didn’t attend the SA Olive Awards evening on the 24th of August 2017, here’s SA Olive Chairman, Nick Wilkinson’s message to the SA olive industry that night:

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Olive flowering & fruiting

Olives generally take longer to come into bearing than other fruit trees although this is dependent on cultivar, climate and cultural practices.

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The characteristics of an Olive Tree

The cultivated olive is a broad-leafed evergreen tree having the ability to survive highly unfavourable semi-arid conditions and capable of living to more than a thousand years old.

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CRUSH Magazine features SA Olive

Bitter, fruity, pungent, soft, green, ripe, crisp, but above all fresh.

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Linda Costa shares her research on South African EVOO with FST Magazine

“We are still discovering novel health benefits resulting from the consumption of extra-virgin olive oil,

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