Beginner’s Tasting Course – Practise makes perfect

A small group of olive oil lovers came together yesterday to refine their olive oil experience and tasting skills.

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A Workshop all About the Table Olive

Framed by tall cypress trees and perfectly trimmed rose hedges, Ashanti Estate was the perfect setting for the Table Olive Workshop. Twenty-two attendees, representing large- to small-scale olive operations, came from as far as Oudtshoorn to hone their skills.

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A Drive for Finding Solutions

A love for nature and a conversation with her uncle about his career path are what steered Meagan Vermeulen towards a career in Plant Pathology. Growing up in a small farming community in the Swartland also brought agriculture to her doorstep.

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Die-back of young olive shoots – Elleunorah Allsopp

If you are finding larvae boring into younger shoots showing signs of wilting or die-back, it is probably the sombre twig pruner affecting your trees.

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Ellen Segopa – on the road to great things

Ellen Segopa is one of those people that will quietly take over the world and make a good job of it. Like most children, Ellen dreamt far and wide about what she wanted to become and only in high school realised that science is her career home.

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Monitoring a Comparison of Two Trap Types for Olive Fruit Fly

The Mediterranean olive industry experiences significant losses due to the olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae: Diptera: Tephritidae), which negatively affects the production of table olives, as well as olive oil.

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Current SA Olive Research Projects

The SA Olive Industry Association is currently busy with the on-going research of the following projects.

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RSG Interviews

RSG interviews Elleunorah Allsopp

Olive seed wasp research – a project funded by the SA Olive Association.


Olive Seed Wasp Research



RSG interviews Karien Bezuidenhout

Two developing industries – olive- fynbos / cut flower industries.

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Linda Costa shares her research on South African EVOO with FST Magazine

“We are still discovering novel health benefits resulting from the consumption of extra-virgin olive oil,

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