Statutory Measure

Since June 2012, membership in SA Olive has become compulsory following the implementation of a Statutory Measure. The Statutory Measure is applicable to growers, table olive processors, olive oil processors and table and olive oil importers.

Click here to view the memorandum pertaining to the Statutory Measure, explaining in detail what it is, how the levy will be implemented and what the levy applies to.

Government Gazettes 40294

Download the Government Gazettes 40294 no. 1144, 1145 and 1146 for reference purposes below:

Government Gazettes 40294 no. 1144
Government Gazettes 40294 no. 1145
Government Gazettes 40294 no. 1146

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Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available to other interested parties who do not belong to the above-mentioned membership categories. The 2015/16 Associate Membership fee is R500. Members are kindly informed that this category does not have any voting rights.

Contact the secretariat at for more detail.