SA Olive works with some leading influencers and people whose opinion matters.  People who know their food, know about health issues, care about their wellness and people who are genuinely keen to promote the virtues and benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Check out some of our ambassadors here:

In 2013 Absa and SA Olive partnered to introduce the Top 5 as an addition to the annual SA Olive Awards. In a show of confidence in the olive industry, Absa, which previously sponsored the Absa Top 5 Olive Oil Awards, has now indicated that it will extend this honour to 10 exceptional olive oils. The qualifiers for the Absa Top 10 are selected from the ranks of the highest-scoring SA Olive Awards medal winners by a team of revered tasters.

“Extra Virgin Olive Oil/ Olive Oil in all its variations to me is an essential staple in my everyday cooking; recipes for my cookbooks; cooking classes and in baking.

Give me some olive oil and I’ll show you magic!” 

Pumla Brook-Thomae
Self-published cookbook author

“Some of the EVOO cultivars are from Spain and Italy but they’ve been grown and crafted here on South African soil, by South African minds and hands, which makes the end product as saffa as they come. Because after all, if you are what you eat, then I want to be South African from the inside out”.

Kamini Pather
Chef and Food Blogger

“Can’t wait to cook delicious meals with my not so secret anymore ingredient… #ExtraVirginOliveOil For that extra special texture and extra healthy taste just add Extra Virgin Olive Oil”

Geraldine Pillay-Viret
Former Olympic Athlete

“I can say that during the competition we found a good percentage of very high quality oils with complexity, harmony and character. These are oils that I like to compare to the great paintings of the Impressionists: EVOOs with great colours able to arouse emotions and colour the dishes of any table in the world”

Aldo Mazzini
Founder &  Organizer of  Monte Carlo Masters of Olive Oil International Contest


“My heart and commitment is with the South African olive industry and therefore I am extremely honoured by SA Olive granting me the privilege of being appointed as an SA Olive Ambassador. I firmly believe in the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it is my intention to promote the SA Olive products wherever possible”.

Fred Bengsch
Former Executive and EVOO Enthusiast

I am thrilled and honoured to be appointed as an SA Olive Ambassador. EVOO flows at the heart of every meal I prepare, best served with generous portions of love, a sprinkle of togetherness and lashings of Proudly South African spirit. We should count ourselves incredibly lucky having SA Olive take up this important role of celebrating and promoting the humble olive – grown in the embrace of South Africa’s fertile soils – not only to us, but to the rest of the world.”

The Little Hedonist
Food Blogger


Sweet or savory, frying, drizzling, or even preserving, not a day goes by without me reaching for the golden liquid. Olive oil is integral to almost everything I cook and with Greek Cypriot heritage it has always been something my family has had on the dinner table and in the pantry cupboard. As I have gotten into cooking myself I have begun to understand the versatility of olive oil and started to experiment with it in the kitchen. When I cook flavour and nourishment are paramount, but I do try and make every dish as visually appealing as possible, and nothing beats the glorious glisten of a final drizzle of golden Extra virgin olive oil.

Alicia Nicola
Contestant on Master Chef show on M-Net

Extra virgin olive oil is revered for its health-promoting bitter plant polyphenols and essential fatty acids that are its main features. As there is increasing consumer awareness and interest in the strong relationship between diet and human health, EVOO can be part of a diet pattern to improve quality of life. I am honoured to join the SA Olive Association as an ambassador to educate consumers to accept and appreciate good quality extra virgin olive oil.

Mpho Tshukudu
Education: Eco-gastronome | Integrative & Functional Nutrition Dietitian | Food Culturist
Co-Author: Eat-ting

“My food philosophy: Simplicity, healthy, seasonal and honest food – always delicious and made with love.

Christine Capendale
Ambassador for SA Olive