SA Olive actively supports & promotes transformation.

Transformation activities are determined by the Transformation Plan which is managed by a Transformation Committee. Oversight is exercised by the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) and the Western Cape Department of Agriculture.

Application for support should be directed to the SA Olive manager, Karien Bezuidenhout.

Abundant Harvest

Women at Work with Reni Hildenbrand
published by the Western Cape Government

“I just feel I need to spend more of my time helping to build the olive oil industry in South Africa.”

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SA Olive Mentorship Programme

SA Olive initiated its mentorship program in 2008 with the aim of nurturing talented youth for careers in the olive industry. The participants in the program are workers employed by SA Olive’s member producers. To date include over 170 mentees have passed through the system and over 30 mentors have been trained. 

Leana Stevens

Martha Klaas

2019 Olive Day - Mentorship Programme

Joyce Mchoyiya is a mentee in the SA Olive mentorship programme and she works at Waverley Hills.  She is a Xhosa speaking person, who also understands Afrikaans.

She uses her Free to Grow: Life Skills book stories to teach herself to start reading Afrikaans.  The same book she also uses to learn to write Afrikaans, by copying out of the book. What makes this achievement more extraordinary is that she is illiterate in reading and writing Xhosa.

Ivan Geduld, also a mentee in the SA Olive Mentorship programme and working at Waverley Hills started to manage his money in a better way.  He uses the form in the Money Sense book where he lists his expenses.  He also collected all his slips of things that he has bought.  This he is going to paste into a book to keep record of his expenses.  His municipality account that is in arrear, he has also took control over and has nearly settled the account.  A loan at Capitec Bank he is going to settle in October 2017 and is then going to start saving.

Leana Stevens is an irrefutable example of the far-reaching influence the SA Olive Mentorship Programme has on its participants. She quotes the Free to Grow module of the mentorship programme as having had a life-changing effect on her. It set her on a journey of self-discovery, shifted how she viewed herself, and along with the more business-orientated modules, gave her confidence in all parts of her life. Leana was the 2011 winner of the mentorship programme. She started as an assistant at the farm’s crèche in 2005 and was promoted two years later to handle admin and orders, as well as work directly with Olyfberg’s clients. She has her eye on the farm manager position and with the skills she obtained through the mentorship programme and the support of everyone around her, she is positive that she is well on her way to reaching her dream.

These stories are of people who want to improve their lives and where development programmes, in this case Free to Grow programmes, helped and motivated them to do it.

Martha Klaas – Waverley Hills Farm
Martha Klaas got a special mention at the 2019 SA Olive Awards during the announcement of the 2019 mentorship programme winner. And it is easy to see why. Martha is a strong woman with a big dream, and she does not hesitate to share her knowledge and time with others. She embodies the meaning of Ubuntu – something she learned at the feet of her mother whilst growing up in Sterkspruit, Eastern Cape. Besides being a general worker at Waverley Hills Farm, she also assists in bridging language barriers at work and in her community by acting as an interpreter.

When asked about the effect the mentorship programme had on her life, Martha said it helped her make better decisions in both her work and private life. It also gave her tools to solve problems. She said she still wants to go far and her ultimate dream is to be a social worker.

Martha came to the Western Cape as a young woman working in temporary positions. Twelve years ago she was taken into the fold at Waverley Hills Farm and with their support, she has gone from strength to strength and is keeping her dreams very much alive.

2019 Olive Day – Mentorship Programme

The 2019 Olive Day was a heart-warming event

Everyone present at this year’s Olive Day spoke of the warmth, support and spirit of sharing they experienced at the event.

Once a year all the mentors and mentees of the SA Olive mentorship programme come together to get to know one another better, as well as talk about and show their individual farm projects. This year’s event was held at the Graham and Rhona Beck Skills Centre in Robertson.

Speaking at the event, Johnny Carrolus told the story of his journey from farm worker to managing director of the Eyethu Intaba Trust in the Koue Bokkeveld. Following in his wake, this year’s top mentorship programme students, Piet Visser and Martha Klaas, also shared their experiences of how the programme helped shape their lives.

The SA Olive mentorship programme is facilitated by Anida Training and Anida described the day as ‘the best Olive Day yet’. Anida also commented on the visible improvement in skills and how the programme gives mentees the courage and knowledge to take the next step in their self-realisation.

As the year speeds towards its end, SA Olive would like to thank the mentors, mentees and facilitators for the incredible work they do in ensuring sustainability and skills transfer in the olive industry.

SA Olive Awards 2019

The 2019 SA Olive Mentorship Award goes to Piet Visser from Olyfberg.

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As part of its ongoing commitment to promote excellence and recognise outstanding contributions by industry individuals, SA Olive has announced the recipient of its annual Mentorship Award.

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