The London International Olive Oil Competition will take place in London on 12-14 May, 2022. Samples to reach the storage venue by 30 April 2022.

The Olive Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition will be held in mid-May, 2022. Registrations close on 2 May. Samples must be received no later than 9 May.

The Italy EVOO International Olive Oil Contest will be held in Palmi, Italy on 16-19 May, 2022. Registration deadline is 7 May. Samples are due at the venue by 7 May.

The Canada International Olive Oil Competition will take place in Montreal on 30-31 May, 2022.

Terraolivo IOOC 2022 will be held in Yehud, Israel on 13 June, 2021. Deadline for registration and samples delivery is 1 June.

The 2022 Aurora International Taste Challenge will be held in Stellenbosch, South Africa (date TBC). Entries open on 8 June and close on 2 August. Samples to be delivered on 15-16 August.

Information on the 2022 Australian International Olive Awards is not yet available.

The 2022 Sol d’Oro Southern Hemisphere will be held in Argentina in September. Further detail to be advised.