SA Olive Contributes to The Pebbles Kitchen.

SA Olive has been supporting the Pebbles Project’s feeding scheme by supplying Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) to the Pebbles Kitchen. The EVOO is used to prepare meals for 2,000 children every day. By using EVOO in preparing meals, the Pebbles Kitchen is adding a healthy and nutritious supplement to the children’s diet.

The Pebbles Project is a non-profit organisation which supports disadvantaged children and their families in the farming communities of South Africa. With education as the main focus, the project provides various health, protection, community and nutrition programmes.

SA Olive Manager, Vittoria Jooste says, “We are so proud and delighted to be a part of this initiative. The Pebbles Project has done amazing work in the farming communities since 2004 and they are truly invested in each child’s academic performance. We know that in order for a child to perform well in any daily activity, they need to have a healthy, balanced meal, and this is why we are so glad to assist in this manner. EVOO is the healthiest fat, packed with vitamins and antioxidants, and high in mono-unsaturated fats which protect the heart and the arteries.”

Dominic Johnson-Allen from the Pebbles Kitchen says “Our main objective is to enrich the lives of disadvantaged children in agricultural communities. We focus on the complete well-being of each child, by not only offering education, but also offering other programmes to assist in protecting the community.  We are extremely grateful to SA Olive for their fabulous contribution. Using EVOO in our meals helps us create delicious and nutritious balanced meals for all the children we support at the Pebbles Project and numerous other charities and independent Early Childhood Development centres.

The Pebbles Project has had a positive impact on many lives throughout the years and continues to do so every day. If you would like to volunteer, sponsor a child, or simply make a donation, click here.