Following the announcement of the 2020 #SAOliveAwards & #AbsaTop10 Olive Oils Awards in South Africa, we are presenting a series of interviews with each Gold winning producer.

Name of the oil: Kleine Haaskraal Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Style: Delicate

Cultivars used for this oil: Frantoio and Mission Blend
Litres produced: 1000 lt Gold & 2465 lt in total

Producer history: Kleine Haaskraal is situated just outside Wellington, one of the premium wine regions of the Western Cape Province, in South Africa. It is a family owned boutique mixed use farm, with unparalleled natural beauty. During the development of the farm, significant emphasis was placed on the retention and attraction of wild life and the restoration of the land. A pair of fish eagles and a few owls have made Kleine Haaskraal their home too, and steenbokkies and guinea fowl roam freely. Kleine Haaskraal is bordering the well-known Berg River. Every day begins with the sun striking over the Bainskloof mountains and ends with the majestic cry of the fish eagles.

Short introduction to the oil maker & his/her comment on the 2020 harvest: Gert Van Dyk, Tokara’s oil master and operations manager, pressed and bottled Kleine Haaskraal’s extra virgin olive oil. Gert lives by the motto “Olive oil is a passion not a fashion,” has travelled the world, tasting different olive oils and enriched his knowledge about the art of making olive oil and also growing olives. According to Gert, a very competent chef himself, “ Olive oil doesn’t simply complement food; it enhances the rich flavours.”

Tasting notes: The tasting panel complimented the Kleine Haaskraal EVOO in respect of the positive attributes: fruit of green and ripe olives, almond, walnut, ripe melon and pine seed.

Best paired with which food: As a starter/appetizer: with cheeses and olive platters. In cooking: healthy method to cook that adds flavour, use delicate olive oil with delicate flavoured dishes that will not overwhelm the taste of your food, also in desserts, over fresh fruit as well as over salads and in creating your own fresh salad dressing.

Where to buy: or Elsabe Pienaar, 082 851 2977.

Contact Details:
Telephone: 082 851 2977

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