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SA Olive is excited to announce its first Basic Olive Oil Tasting course of 2021. The course will be run by Reni Hildenbrand and Louise Rabie on the 20th of July at the Klein Joostenberg Farm, Muldersvlei.

Please note: Should Lockdown Level 4 be extended after the 11th July 2021, the course will be rescheduled and respondents notified accordingly.

Reni and Louise, who are both on SA Olive’s Organoleptic Tasting Panel, will take the participants through the steps of smelling, tasting, and attributing various flavor profiles to olive oils. They will also share a wealth of knowledge and their passion for our exceptional South African olive oil.

Reni Hildenbrand is an olive oil producer and a qualified and experienced Panel Leader with vast experience in judging local and international olive oil competitions. Reni has been the Panel Leader of SA Olive’s Organoleptic Tasting Panel for eight years.

Louise Rabie is a familiar personality in the local olive industry and a world-class olive oil tasterLouise has been a member of SA Olive’s Organoleptic Tasting Panel since its inception and has participated as a judge on several local olive oil competitions. She is also Vice-Chair of the SA Olive board of directors.

Important Details for the SA Olive Basic Olive Oil Tasting Course:
– The course is limited to 30 participants*
– There will be an Intermediate Tasting course in September 2021

*Another basic course can and will be organized if there is enough interest.

Please follow the link for the program as well as the registration form for the course: www.drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nA8in0HGieO3QiIhS-8JCDckNlCA5-pu?usp=sharing

SA Olive knows it is vitally important to create opportunities for learning and sharing knowledge as this plays an important part in building the SA Olive Industry and creating a legacy. This is only the first of our courses this year.

We look forward to your participation.

Please note that all SA Olive enquiries are to be communicated directly with Vittoria Jooste on manager@saolive.co.za.


20 July 2021
8:45 am - 1:00 pm


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