The HORTGRO Technical Symposium 2022 is themed

‘Future Thinking Today’

The territory has not become more forgiving and likely never will. Whether the grower’s orchard is faced with perpetual onslaughts by unrelenting pests or being choked by increasingly common water shortages, the fruit game is getting tougher and gives new meaning to “survival of the fittest”.

At the Hortgro Technical Symposium, we aim to not only level the playing field but also raise the bar in an industry known for the production of top quality fruit. Whether you’re new to the game or a battle-scarred veteran, whether fighting according to the rules of Pome or Stone or not, you are set to benefit from this event.

To ensure your survival not only in existing industry territory but also to thrust you into uncharted profit margins the HORTGRO team has carefully developed a lineup which will equip you with the necessary strategic knowledge and cutting edge research.

We have a pack of thought leaders, industry experts and impressionists who will share their knowledge, inspire you, and even help you Future Think Today.

Download the programme here.

If winning is your game, do not miss this HORTGRO flagship event which will keep you sharp, focused, and ahead of the pack.

Where: Lord Charles Hotel, Somerset West

When: 6 – 10 June 2022

6 June Business Strategy Day

7 June Pome Fruit Day

8 June Stone Fruit Day

9 June Pome Field Day (Elgin Railway Market)

10 June Stone Field Day (Allee Bleue)

For more information visit our web page here.


Please note that due to Covid regulations, we can only accommodate 250 attendees per day. This situation might change in the future. Bookings are on a first come first serve basis