“You should let your own taste preferences be your guide – tempered by what is desired in the end result.

For example, light and delicate dishes such as fish or soups may be better served by a milder, less fruity olive oil. Heartier, more robust dishes made with red meat and tomato-based sauces may be better with fruitier, more intense olive oil. In the final analysis, though, it’s all really up to what tastes best to you.”

Suggested combinations:

  • Use the more intensely fruity oils for grilling meat, sautéing garlic and onions, on toast with ricotta, swirled into hot soup and for ice cream.
  • Use medium style oil for baking fresh tuna, with chicken, on subtle salads and in baking.
  • Use delicate oil for mayonnaise, in desserts and over fresh fruit.

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