1. Extra virgin olive oil is the best to use for vinaigrette dressings as the flavour is well pronounced and gives salad leaves that much needed boost of flavour.
  1. I love drizzling olive oil on ciabatta bread before toasting it in the oven, it soaks into the bread and keeps it moist in the centre, and of course, adds delicious flavour too.
  1. Extra virgin olive oil heated with chilli and garlic is my go-to easy week day pasta dish flavoring. It’s quick and easy to make and is super delicious too.
  1. I add olive oil into my bread dough to enrich the dough and give it a great flavour.
  1. I always use extra virgin olive oil when making spreads like hummus and tapenade; it makes all the difference in the flavour.
  1. I love mixing ground cumin, paprika and ground coriander into extra virgin olive oil, then rubbing it all over chicken before roasting it, it gives the chicken a wonderful perfume flavour and helps the skin turn golden brown and crisp in the oven.
  1. Store chopped garlic in olive oil, finely chop the garlic then mix with olive oil and store in a jar. You can do the same with chilies.
  1. My roast potato wedges always get a good dousing of olive oil, salt and fresh rosemary before going into the oven, it’s one of my favourite ways to prepare potatoes.
  1. I love storing chopped herbs in olive oil in the freezer. Simply chop the fresh herbs, then place into ice cube trays, top up with olive oil, then freeze. Pop a block into soups, stews and sauces to add flavour.
  1. Olive oil makes for delicious lip moisturizer, just dab a bit on your lips to keep them smooth and soft.